Common Grammar Mistakes that kill your quality as a writer

Writing without any grammar mistake is the best way to win the reader’s minds and hearts. Especially if you are a self-publishing author, writing English without grammar mistake is a tedious thing, since if you are confused with any grammar mistake the readers will get distracted to some other textbook. The same thing will be repeating for the blog content, the users will move on to the other website blog. So if you are, any of the above people please make sure you will not fall into any grammatical mistakes.  Spoken English Classes in Chennai is the right path for the writer to get full pledge knowledge in Grammar.

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement  Errors

The subject and verb of a sentence should satisfy with each other it may be plural or singular. If the subject if plural, verb also must be in the same case. The same rules will be followed for singular sentence.

E.g. 1 Wrong: Politics is the major issue in Tamil Nadu

           Right: Politics are the major issue in Tamil Nadu

E.g. 2 Wrong: Midnight’s children are my favorite novel by Salman

           Right: Midnight’s children is my favorite novel by Salman

2. Sentence Fragments
The incomplete sentence that won’t have independent clause is called sentence fragments. The fragment may be lack of complete verb, subject or both. Fragments also depend on sentence followed by another sentence to give meaning.E.g.1 Wrong:  He presented a wonderful gift to his mother, In spite of his poverty

Right: In spite of his poverty, he presented a wonderful gift to his mother

E.g. 2 Wrong: The boy knocked the door late night. Then waited for the consequences

Right: The boy knocked the door late night, and then waited for the consequences.

3. Missing comma

After an introductory phrase, clause or word, a comma must be used. This gives a phase after an introductory element and it avoids any confusion.

E.g. 1 Wrong: I have a dog in my home but still I am afraid at late night

Right:  I have a dog in my home, but still I am afraid at late night

E.g. 2  Wrong:  The car which he took more care is now broken

Right: The car, which he took more care, is now broken

There are numerous grammar mistakes that are commonly done by most of the people, I have listed out a very few. Be aware of not doing the same mistakes in your blog or content. Whenever you have doubt in the usage of any sentence, please spend your precious time to have a look on it. Spoken English Class in Chennai is the great opportunity to learn many things.

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